Tell your company’s story in a video that creates an image and underscores your message. Let PATRICK KUSKE PRODUCTIONS highlight your products, present video testimonials from clients and introduce your key staff in a dynamic video with state-of-the-art graphics.

Instead of telling potential customers about your product, show them on a dynamic eye-catching video. Ideal for introducing new products to existing clients or targeting desired new client populations. We can help you create a customized sales pitch with vivid images.

Eliminate costly travel and time lost to out-of-town training seminars by producing a video seminar for employees. Training videos can be as simple as taping an existing off-site conference to replay for employees, or as elaborate as a multi-camera shoot with 3-D animated graphics with narration and actors. This is an ideal way to satisfy continuing education requirements.

At your next trade show, capture the attention of potential customers with an impressive marketing video. Let them “tour” your facilities with video that will set you apart from your competition. Your marketing video also can be sent to clients and posted on your web site. Your best sales person can only be in one place at a time, but a marketing video delivers your presentation in unlimited places simultaneously.

PATRICK KUSKE PRODUCTIONS offers a wide variety of special project options and can tailor any package to suite your needs.Corporate videos enable companies to deliver a complete and consistent message to employees, vendors, and others. Video can highlight or explain annual reports or other critical documents. Event videos preserve important landmarks for your staff Take your mission or vision statement to your employees. Help them see the big picture as you highlight the important roles they play in contributing to their company’s success.

Television news stations are inundated with press releases everyday, but don’t have the staff to cover a fraction of those events every day. Yet they are always looking for content to use for their newscasts. PKP can help you fine-tune your news angle, and then craft a television news story about your issue, event or product.

When produced in a broadcast news style by an experienced television crew, like PKP’s, a VNR is almost indistinguishable from a normal news segment. Every major television station in the world now uses VNRs regularly.

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